About Us

WeShop is a Shoppable Social Network. For too long exceptionally large online shopping platforms and social media sites have generated vast profits from their users. Making money from people doing their shopping through those sites or indeed monetising people’s data when they just talk, search and communicate with their friends through those platforms.

Very little if any of these profits have been shared with the people who actually created the success of these platforms. That’s you, your family and your friends.

WeShop intends to fundamentally change the way this works and most importantly how these platforms are owned. Making them work for you.

World’s First

WeShop is a community owned Shoppable Social Network that combines shopping with social media. Designed with all the functionality consumers have come to expect from social media, WeShop lets you shop the products you love and connect with other people all while earning a stake in the business.

And most importantly WeShop pioneers the belief of share democratisation delivered through its revolutionary ShareBack mechanism. So, unlike any other platform, it is giving away over 90% of the business to its community.

WeShop’s revolutionary mechanism ‘ShareBack’ means the people using the platform earn an investment in the company with each purchase, successful recommendation or introduction of a new member to the community.

So, through WeShop, just buy the products you always buy, from the same retailers you always use, at the same price you always pay and become an owner of the next Amazon. It’s time for you to share in the wealth you have helped to create and it’s time to start the #RetailRevolution.

How does it work?


WeShop is working with various international partners including E&Y, King and Spalding and Oliver Wyman and intends to list on Nasdaq in late 2023/early 2024.

The WeShop App is available as a rolling launch within the UK with over 500 major retailers available and over 1.5 billion products available through the platform with more retailers joining each week.

A US version is in development with an intended launch around the time of the Nasdaq listing.

WeShop Shares are traded on JP Jenkins, effectively as a Pre-IPO market. JP Jenkins is the UK’s oldest platform for private companies where companies such as NCP, Arsenal, Weetabix, Adnams have traded.

Shares in WeShop issued to its users

Tax and Fairness

Frankly it is unfair that international corporations avoid paying their fair amount of tax in the places they operate. WeShop in the same way it wants to provide real ownership to its users also believes that WeShop should pay the correct tax in the places where it operates. That is just fair to the users and the wider community they live in.

We are working hard with our professional advisers to achieve this through our developing corporate structure which will evolve as we implement their professional advice received and within the remits, like fair tax, that WeShop has given them.

WeShop Shares

  • Current shares in Issue 27,020,834
  • Current price Click Here
  • Settlement Ordinary Shares
  • Registrar Computershare Investor Services
  • ISIN Number VGG1472N1096
  • Currency GBX